Business Tax Planning

Business tax planning is an ongoing activity.

Tax planning is much more than keeping your books straight and meeting filling deadlines.  Successful businesses not only know where they are with their finances at all times, they also prepare for improvements in their cash flow, economic anomalies, tax code changes, and other factors of which their accountant keeps them apprised.

Especially, if you are a small business, looking ahead can be particularly important.  Whether you keep your business receipts in a shoebox, use a hand-written ledger to track income and expenses or have your own electronic accounting system, Christine Alvarez, CPA can help you in numerous ways.

Christine Alvarez, CPA will help you keep your business finances on track, including:

  • Tax planning in conjunction with the business owner,
  • Preparing all tax returns,
  • Preparing all local, state and federal tax reporting requirements, including City Business Licenses and Form 1099s,
  • Consulting on in-house accounting systems,
  • Training staff on accounting practices, and
  • Preparing all in-house use of financials for management purposes.

We will even come to your place of business.

With a free, one-hour consultation, we can help you determine your immediate and longer range accounting needs, whether as an individual or small business. When we can help you make sense of all of the numbers and government requirements, contact us.